"I think the program is excellent for all ages. Each class is tailored to meet the needs of every child in the class. The warmth and love of the teachers is cleariy felt through the instruction. My daughter's classroom experience has been positive for both of the years we have been attending Susan's Dance Studio."

L. Graham

"I found the program to be totally professional."

D. Wingard

"I have four daughters at Susan's and there is excitement in my house on dance days."

J. Harden

"I enjoy the energy the instructors bring to the classroom. I appreciate its effect on the kids."

S. Evans

"My daughter learned to be shy from me. This class gives her confidence and teaches her coordination."

L. Hodge

"The studio is a positive atmosphere that teaches acceptance of dancers of all shapes and sizes. The studio has taught my daughter a passion for dance, a stronger work ethic and that practice makes perfect."

V. Dickerson

"I have four children and I am so thankfal that I don't have to run all over town to get them to their after school activities. My kids take voice lessons, dance lessons, karate and piano at the same time from the same facility This convenience allows me to cut down on travel time and increase the time I have to help with homework and get dinner ready after their lessons are over."

R. Smith