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A classical dance form demanding grace and precision. Ballet is the “backbone” of all dance training. The technique of ballet teaches the students elegance, flexibility, endurance, and most importantly discipline.

Ballet helps with all genres of dance - even Hip Hop!

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Leaps & Turns

This is a class created for serious dancers who desire to perfect their skills of jumping, turning, and leaping.

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lips and turns


One of the oldest styles of dance in this country, Tap dance teaches the students musicality, timing, and leg/foot coordination. The genre of dance helps dancers understand how to move to different rhythms in music.

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Modern is a form of dance in which the dancer learns to use the body to move as an expressive tool. This style is a very free genre of dance that teaches students to use an open mind and explore their own creativity when moving their bodies.

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Contemporary / Lyrical

This genre of dance focuses on using ballet technique while also learning to move the body in new and creative ways. The dancers learn to dance with feeling and tell a story. It focuses on leaps, turns, floor work & shifting the weight of the body. It teaches the students discipline, but also allows for the use of the dancer’s imagination.

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This style of dance combines the technique of classical ballet and modern dance to upbeat music. It focuses on proper alignment, leaps, turns, and isolations of the body with the accents of musical rhythms.

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Academy of the Arts is a performing arts studio founded in 1997 and serves youth in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. AOTA is one of the largest dance studios in Dekalb County, Georgia.

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